Ultimate Mechanical Fails Compilation (VIDEO!!)

Ultimate Mechanical Fails Compilation (VIDEO!!)

Driving a car is sometimes worse than having a baby! Not to get us wrong, babies are great and we love them. Go babies! But, the care and the attention that you give to your infant is so hard and demands a lot of effort! So, what do you think? Is it different when it comes to cars? These mechanical fails will explain things a bit more.

Just like a baby, a car can start doing someting and you have no idea what`s wrong. You know you just had it taken to the mechanics, so what`s wrong now? Just like a baby crying. Is it hungry? Is it sleepy? Who knows?! However, this mechanical fails compilation has footages of various car problems that are really hilarious! Except maybe for the owners who have to deal with it. But we have stuff like steering wheel vibrating and constantly moving as well as a van that looks like it`s from a Snoop Dog`s video jumping on hydraulics!

Oh, and the stuck tire that has no intention of leaving the bearing? It`s F***ED are the exact words used my the mechanic from the shop! One guy is towing his already wrecked and poor vehicle where all of the sudden his tire falls off. There goes another problem! And the final and most interesting fail was with the guy who had pistons coming out of his header. That`s no good says the mechanic, no good! Relax, get comfy and enjoy these hilarious mechanical fails!

At last, check out this massive engine failure!





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