Bugatti Chiron Recalled for Welding Issue, All 47 Cars Produced to Date Affected

Bugatti Chiron Recalled for Welding Issue, All 47 Cars Produced to Date Affected

From the appearance of a classic Bugatti, whose styling melange has obviously been passed down to the imposing Chiron, to the reputation of the Molsheim automaker, everything about this brand has “solid” written all over it. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect Bugattis to be immune to recalls. In fact, such a campaign has just been announced for the Chiron and it targets every unit produced to date.

As the automaker has recently informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the issue is related to a potential welding issue.

Nevertheless, the problems aren’t as severe as it might sound and that’s because we’re talking about the welds regarding the seat recliner brackets.

If a failure occurs, the sudden change of the driver’s seating position is likely to cause an accident. And, given the kind of G forces the quad-turbo, all-wheel-drive machine can generate, the seats need to be up to the task.

The welds will be closely inspected and the affected vehicles will see their entire seating assemblies being replaced. Given this detail, we can’t help but wonder if the faulty seats wouldn’t be fit for decorating one’s home, but this is another story for another time.

Out of the 47 Chirons built so far, 12 are found on North American soil. Keep in mind that the French automaker is only bringing 500 units of the 1,500 hp hypercar to the world.

The Volkswagen Group’s crown jewel has informed owners via mail, while its concierge specialists have personally called each owner to inform him or her about the process.

The hypercars will be transported to the automotive producer’s detalers in enclosed trucks.

No incidents related to the said problem have been reported so far, while the campaign is scheduled to kick off early next week.

Once Bugatti is done with this minor problem, it can continue to work towards the goal of unleashing the true velocity of the Chiron. You see, while the hypercar is currently electronically limited to 261 mph due to the lack of tires that can handle higher speeds, the carmaker announced an update for next year.

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