BMW M3 vs M4 GTS Drag Race

BMW M3 vs M4 GTS Drag Race

We’re here to being an all-M drag race under the spotlights, with this sprinting battle involving the BMW M3 Competition Package and the M4 GTS. So why would we mention Porsche’s name?

The answer is simple: with the GTS incarnation of the M4, BMW has entered Zuffenhausen territory. When you get behind the wheel of the circuit special and flog it around a track, the fact that this costs as much as a pair of M3 Comp Packs might just make sense, with the exclusivity factor of the uber-M4 being a good enough reason for it.

This is the same kind of engineering logic that, for instance, justifies the financial side of the 911 GT2 RS (think: $300,000 with the Weissach Package), which roughly costs twice as much as the already track-brilliant GT3 incarnation of the Neunelfer.

But what about a drag race between the two Bimmers mentioned above? Well, the velocity-obsessed folks over at Top Gear are here to deliver an answer.

The M beasts we’re talking about have been thrown at each other in a standing start drag race, one that skips the Christmas Tree shenanigans in favor of a flag held by a human. Numbers fans shouldn’t worry, as the clip includes all the figures you need.

We wish to steer clear of ruining the giggles delivered by the piece of footage that documents the race, which is why we won’t throw too many spoilers your way.

Nevertheless, we can assure you that this is the kind of brawl that will keep you in front of the screen from start to finish. Oh and you’d better turn up the volume before hitting that “play” button below – as fierce as the twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six hearts of these M cars are, their soundtracks aren’t quite on par with the go they deliver, thus requiring a hefty volume.





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