Audi RS5-R ABT with 500hp

Audi RS5-R ABT with 500hp

The RS5-R was, in my book, the most famous tuning project of the previous generation Audi sports coupe. I mean, the thing had a wing and lots of power.

The 2018 RS5 makes huge changes under the hood, but that didn’t phase ABT in the slightest. Turbochargers being pre-installed probably made things easier for them.

Other tuners have already revealed their versions of the RS5 Coupe, so ABT came out of its corner fighting. The stock car’s 450 HP has been boosted to 530 HP. Not only that, but torque has gone up by 90 to 690Nm (509lb-ft).

For the record, the 2013 RS5-R went from 450 to 470 HP, and was comparably a lot slower. The 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of 4.3 seconds seemed fast at that time, but its 2018 equivalent does the same thing in 3.6 seconds. Why do we need supercars anyway?

It’s difficult to impress people with numbers, especially when the smaller and cheaper RS3 and TT RS routinely go to 500 HP. However, for a small V6, 530 HP on stock internals is perfect.

For our taste, the styling is a little too mundane, especially when you consider how great the RS5 looked before ABT got it. While the original RS5-R featured a two-tone paintjob, this one sticks to the eye-catching Sonoma Green factory color.

On top of that, ABT fitted some carbon fiber body panels, including the front grille, front chin spoiler, bumper winglets, fender inserts, side skirts and a rear diffuser. Our favorite bit is the carbon trunk spoiler. Every RS5 should have had that from the factory.

Quad exhaust pipes have been integrated into the bumper, while the stock 19-inch wheels have been replaced by 21s, shod in 275/25 tires.

Right now, we know nothing about the interior. But considering the RS5-5 is scheduled to debut in March at the Geneva Motor show, we have plenty of time for a carbon dash or new seats. Remember, this is a 1-of-50 limited edition project, not your ordinary ABT creation.

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